maandag 9 mei 2011

Pleats pleats pleats

Pleats are back on the street! Whether teemed with suede and tailoring (such as the cropped trouser), or floaty, long and sheer, the pleat is definetely back in town. In my book, anything in the combination of sheer pleats and big black boots is a good look, though I have been debating snapping up this amazing pair of tailored suede pleated trousers by asos (the onyl reason I haven't decided yet is because I have a slight love/hate affair with my very skinny akles!) and combining them with a loose black vest top and khaki blocked heels. The tobacco colour and perfect pleat are making it hard to resist! High-street shops which are fabulous for this current trend are Topshop, Asos and H&M.
Topshop Black Pleated Trousers
Asos Cropped Trousers

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